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I have known Michelle throughout my parenting journey. As well as being an excellent educator she is also a source of great support and inspiration. When my children were in her care, I knew she would take the time to get to know them as people. To really understand who they were and what they needed. Her vast experience and understanding of the early years are evident in her interactions with both the children and the families at her setting. Michelle is always willing to share her time and advice. She truly believes in the Montessori ideology and she brings that into each carefully thought out activity and area of her work. Ask anybody who has had the pleasure of working with her, or who has entrusted her with the education of their child, and they will tell you the same thing. I could not recommend her enough. I am grateful for the experiences she gave my boys and for the support and guidance she provided to our family.


Michelle is a passionate, caring and thoroughly experienced Montessori practitioner.


She has provided my twin boys with an excellent start on their educational journey. Right from the beginning of working with the family, she identified their strengths and helped support their social development. Her creativity and love for the child has helped them flourish and be ready to start primary school. They are confident and inquisitive learners, and this is to be credited to Michelle’s excellent practice, careful planning and the outstanding application of her curriculum.


I had the pleasure to meet Michelle, for the first time, when I was looking for nursery for my son. I am a nursery teacher myself and worked many years in Portugal as a nursery teacher, so it was very important to me to be able to choose the right setting. My oldest and my youngest son were very fortunate to have Michelle in their lives.


Michelle is very passionate about Early Years, her knowledge about child development and Montessori is very impressive. Michelle is one of the most caring persons I know with very high standards and values.


Michelle is everything you could ever want from someone who will be looking after your child in their important early years.  Her passion for caring for children, extensive knowledge of Montessori along with seamlessly never-ending patience is unrivalled in my opinion, I am yet to meet anyone else that comes close.


My son was fortunate enough to spend two wonderful years under Michelle’s care and I can honestly say that she has left the most positive, lasting impression not only on my son but our family.  I was not someone who was looking for a Montessori approach but having spent time with Michelle and seeing how my son thrived emotionally, socially and academically with this approach, I have adopted it at home for my daughter and am so glad we chose Montessori over a traditional pre-school.


The children under Michelle’s care are always the most important little people in the room and you could not wish for someone more caring or knowledgeable environment for them to grow and thrive. I cannot recommend Michelle more highly, your children’s lives will be richer being under her care and they will be set up for life with a love of learning, kindness, and independent spirit.

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